In a recent interview with Ritchie Blackmore for the German magazine Aardschok comes information about the Rainbow concerts scheduled for this summer, marking the long-awaited return of "the greatest guitarist in Rock", and in particular the subject that interests all fans ... namely the proposed lineup and choosing which pieces to play drawn from his long career.

This is what he had to say::
"The set list will consist of 70% Rainbow songs, including Stargazer, because apparently it is a song that everyone wants to hear. The other 30% will be dedicated to Deep Purple songs. We will focus on the best known ones.

The period with Ronnie James Dio will be the central part of the show, but we'll also play tracks from periods with Joe Lynn Turner and Graham Bonnet. Same thing for Purple: we're going to play something from the Gillan era and even some from that of David Coverdale."