Blackmore's Night 
Clara Zetkin Park, Germany, Saturday 16th July 2016

A taste of the concert:


First Rainbow and then with Blackmore's Night, Ritchie Blackmore is on the go as always. We were at the final concert of the "All Our Yesterdays" tour of medieval folk band at the Leipzig Parkbühne.

After the acclaimed concerts with the newly re-formed Rainbow, Richie Blackmore is now returning to the Renaissance music of Blackmore's Night.

In good mood

The concert at the Leipzig Park stage was almost sold out. Many people appeared in costume and this provided a very good mood. Ritchie Blackmore appeared cheerful and greeted people with a handshake.

Apart from "Soldier of Fortune", the band does not cover Deep Purple songs, but as usual, "Wish You Were Here" by Rednex and "Moonlight Shadow" were included in the set.