ukraine fanclubInterview for the Blackmore's Night Ukrainian fan club

Oksana: The first leg of your first tour with Blackmore's Night is over. Please, share your impressions - in a few words.

Earl Grey: Some of my impressions include John Travolta and Edward G. Robinson.

O: Tell the truth, what do you like and hate about being on the road?

EG: On the road, I like the scenic landscapes and the variety of goods found at most rest stops. The thing I hate most about being on the road is being stuck in traffic.


O: What was the tightest situation for you on this tour? And also the funniest?

EG: The tightest situation was the bunk I had to sleep in on the bus. The funniest was hitting my head against the roof of that bunk every time I woke up.

O: Is there your personal favourite moment during a Blackmore's Night show?

EG: The moment of realization that my bass is in tune after striking the first note.

O: How did you meet with Ritchie and Candice? Did you come to them yourself or did they find you?

EG: We were introduced by a mutual friend, J. Andrew Colletti. Check out his upcoming film "House of Eternity" starring Candice Night at

O: You can play on a variety of instruments. What is your favourite? Any plans to add more instruments to your list?

EG: My favourite instrument is the glockenspiel... although I still question why because I've never heard one, let alone ever seen or played one. I've always wanted to learn how to play the bass, so that will probably be next.

O: Speaking of your past and present, what were are your musical influences and inspirations?

EG: Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

O: Speaking of Ritchie's past, do you prefer Deep Purple over Rainbow, or vice versa?

EG: I'm partial to his work with The Three Musketeers.

O: Speaking of Ritchie's present, how much were you familiar with a music of Blackmore's Night before joining the band?

EG: Familiar, but not as familiar as I was to his work with The Three Musketeers.

O: Blackmore's Night are very often using centuries-old tunes for their songs, like Fires At Midnight or Locked Within The Crystal Ball. I wonder, do Ritchie and Candice give the band members a listen to the tunes in an original arrangement (for example, performed by Des Geyers)?

EG: I never gave them the chance to play me the songs. I went ahead and conducted my own research with a group of well-credited interns.

ukrainian interviewO: Ritchie is famous by his practical jokes. Have you been his victim? And if so, have you ever tried to get a revenge?

EG: Let's just say that whatever happens in Bratislava....stays in Bratislava.

O: Are you good in soccer?

EG: From an American perspective, I'm absolutely incredible. From a European perspective, I'm absolutely horrible.

O: If you lived in the medieval times, you would be: a peasant, a knight, a craftsman, a cleric, a jester, a merchant etc, or still a minstrel?

EG: I would have most likely been a poor knight who built funny looking instruments that I unsuccessfully tried to sell to other clerics.

O: Let me thank you personally and in the name of the Official Blackmore's Night Ukrainian Fan Club for giving the interview!

EG: Thank you Oksana and the Official Blackmore's Night Ukrainian Fan Club!!!

Interviewer: Oksana Shkilnyak.
July 2008