To the Moon and Back

Release Date  28.07.2017 and August 11, 2017 in the UK

moon and back

Compilation album: 20 Years And Beyond - 26 Tracks - 2 CD

Containing their best tracks, 5 previously unreleased songs, 2 bonus tracks, 5 instrumental versions and Blackmore's Rainbow single "Land of hope and glory".


CD 1 CD 2
 Shadow Of The Moon   I Surrender (Bonustrack)
 Spirit Of The Sea   Moonlight Shadow (2017 Version)
 Renaissance Faire   Somewhere Over The Sea (2017 Version)
 Play Minstrel Play   Writing On The Wall (2017 Version)
 Under A Violet Moon  Coming Home (2017 Version)
 Spanish Nights   Ghost Of John (Bonustrack)
 Fires At Midnight   Minstrel Hall
 Ghost Of A Rose  Possum Goes To Prague
 Cartouche   Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
 Village Lanterne   Nur eine Minute
 The Circle   Village Dance
 25 Years   Land Of Hope And Glory (2017 Single Version)
 Dandelion Wine   
 Home Again (live)  


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