Sir Robert of Normandie (Robert Curiano) - bass, guitars (Oct 2000-2007)

bob curianoCarole Stevens (Candices mum) heard me playing Bach live on acoustic guitar so Ritchie and Candice invited me to dinner at the Normandy Inn, they also asked me to bring my bass and guitar. There was no band, just the three of us sitting around the table having drinks, singing, and improvising music. The funny thing was that even though they were looking for someone to play bass in the band, I don't remember playing much bass at all that night. At one point I said: 'But Ritchie, don't you want to hear me play some bass?'. He said: 'No, that's alright, just keep playing guitar'.

I guess he liked my guitar playing, and I took that as quite a compliment coming from a guitar player like Ritchie. If you remember, during my time in 'Blackmore's Night' I ended up playing a lot of guitar with Ritchie.

Anyway we played for hours at the Normandy Inn. At the end of the night, there was only a brief discussion about when I would be able to start playing with the band. So, I guess that was my audition, if you want to call it that. During the evening they asked me my full name. I said 'Bob'. Oh, I don't know... I'm 'Sir Robert' (in the spirit of the music). Ritchie said: 'Yes... you'll be 'Sir Robert of Normandie'. And so the story began and continues to this day.