Celebrating 25 years of Blackmore's Night

On the 10th of March, 2023, the 25th anniversary edition of 'Shadow Of The Moon' will be released. This incredible album was lovingly restored, remastered and remixed after the original master tapes were discovered.

 shadow of the moon - 25th anniversary edition

Released back in 1997, it was a groundbreaking, radical departure from Ritchie Blackmore's previous work, but ultimately became something of a milestone in his career. Candice Night's beautiful voice and gift for storytelling complement the music perfectly, creating a timeless album.


The 25th Anniversary Mix of the title track: 'Shadow Of The Moon' is available as a digital single and lyric video. You could win a guitar if you get the golden ticket! There are 2 tickets in the black vinyl edition of Shadow of the Moon. Good luck!