Candice: Christmas Eve!

Ritchie: Christmas Eve we wrote that about an innocent Christmas Eve. Going back to the childhood. And we even have some of the neighbors singing on it. And again: I liked the melody. I kinda wrote the melody as an instrumental on the guitar in the beginning. And it was quite tricky to play it in the beginning.

Candice: And very hard to sing.

Ritchie: But we concentrated to integrate a big trumpet part and we made that fancy complicated riff very simple.

Candice: Lyrically we tried to incorporate all the questions you’ve asked me before. All the visuals like the pine trees, the snow falling and all these things. We live next to a forest so looking at the moon over the pine trees with all the crystals is one of our favorite visuals. The shining of the moon over the branches…

We tried to incorporate words that would warm each other’s hearts and not to offend anyone. We went around house to house and "gathered" the little children from the neighborhood and got them to sing on it. Their parents were very pleased: "Yes! Take my child. Please! If you need them for a couple of hours just go ahead. We need some peace in our house…"

I took them with me and they followed me like I was the pied piper. I brought them all to our house and they were very excited. They are all on the record and you can really hear them when the song starts to fade out. You then can hear the voices of the little children retaining the innocence. It was their very first to sing on a record and it was so honest. It was just a beautiful moment!

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