Ritchie: There is a long story about this one in fact. It has nothing to do with King Wenceslas. Those words were added much later to that melody. I forgot who wrote it.

Most of them are anonymous anyway. That was again one of my favorite tunes. I always liked that one. And then I did find out it wasn’t about Kind Wenceslas at all. It’s a rather ambiguous lyric. Whoever wrote it.

Candice: We love story-songs. Songs that have these characters involved.
Songs that have a start and an ending and a plot. So when we are writing them ourselves we are drawn to songs that incorporate these ideas and character references.

It’s almost like mini-theatre within songs. I think that’s the only song where we added a melody of our own. That’s probably my favorite on the album.

Ritchie: We went into some adlibbing in that one. We didn’t stick to the melody. At first we did but then we put a different arrangement in the middle-part. And then we invented a kind of a different melody to that.

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