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Singled Out - January 2011

Today Candice Blackmore of Blackmore's Night CD (she's also the wife of Deep Purple/Rainbow guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore) tells about the song "Darkness" from the new 'Autumn Sky,' which hits stores next Tuesday. Here is the story:

Blackmore’s Night bring renaissance magic to Peekskill

The husband-wife duo, featuring legendary rock guitar God, Ritchie Blackmore (formerly of Deep Purple and Rainbow) and the smooth, sultry vocals of singer-songwriter Candice Night of the renaissance new age rock band Blackmore’s Night along with their back-up band will bring their magical performance to their fans at the Paramount in Peekskill; on November 8 in support of their new album, "Dancer and the Moon." The hit single, “The Moon is Shining” (Somewhere Over the Sea) is a favorite among their fans. 

I had the opportunity to speak with lead vocalist, Candice Night about the band's career, their new album, "Dancer and the Moon," the upcoming tour and their show at the Paramount.

litparkMy guest today is the beautiful Candice Night, singer of Blackmore’s Night. She talks of songwriting, her love of Renaissance music and costumes, her collaboration with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, their fans, and how fulfilling it is to play the music you want to play – even when that means you can’t get your sound on the radio.

(And while we don’t talk about animals, Candy is such an animal lover, I’ve included some photos to show that.)

Tell me about your love affair with the Old World and its music and costumes.

Although I had always been a child of fantasy, with a wild spirit and active imagination, I had never heard Renaissance music before I met Ritchie. When we met, in 1989, he brought me up to this dark and mysterious old tudor house in the woods of Connecticut. The house had a minstrel’s gallery, tapestries, a very old world feel to it.

Winter Carols

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1. It has now been almost ten years since Blackmore’s Night was founded. Did you ever think the band would be so successful and so long-lasting?

Ritchie: When we put this project together we didn’t do it for success reasons. Or for commercial reasons. We just put it together because we wanted to play the type of music that we are playing now. And in fact we had people like agents and managers from the old days saying “why are you playing this type of music?
You’ll never make any money out of this music. You’ll never be successful.”

Candice: And they were right…