Released June 2003
Format CD
Type Studio Album
Genre Medieval Folk Rock
Length 1:00:19
Edition date June 2003
Country Germany
Label Steamhammer
Catalog Number SPV 085-74992 CD


Ghost of a Rose is the fourth studio album by the folk rock group Blackmore's Night, released June 30, 2003.

It features covers of Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust", and Jethro Tull's "Rainbow Blues".

Ritchie Blackmore – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, hurdy-gurdy, mandola, tambourine, Renaissance drum.

Candice Night – chant, penny whistle, shawm, vocals, background vocals

Additional musicians:
Madeline Posner (Lady Madeline) – harmony vocals ("Ghost of a Rose", "Way to Mandalay")

Nancy Posner (Lady Nancy) – harmony vocals ("Ghost of a Rose", "Way to Mandalay")

Marnen Laibow-Koser (Lord Marnen of Wolfhurst) – violin, viola

Robert Curiano (Sir Robert Of Normandie) – bass

David Baranowski (Bard David Of Larchmont) – background vocals ("All for One")

Mike Sorrentino – drums, percussion

Tim Cotov – background vocals ("All for One")

Sascha Braun – photography
Michael Keel – photography
David Owen – photography
Johanna Pieterman – cover art
Pat Regan – mixing, producer
Takaomi Shibayama – design
Carole Stevens – photography

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