Released August 2017
Format Compilations & DVD's
Type Compilation
Genre Medieval Folk Rock
Length 1:47:52
Edition date August 2017
Country Europe
Label Minstrel Hall Music
Catalog Number MHM 2017
Tags medieval folk rock


‘To the Moon and Back’ (subtitled ’20 Years and Beyond’) celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the band’s birth and comprises a two-disc compilation of favourites (four of which are re-recorded) and three new songs: a cover of Rainbow’s ‘I Surrender’, with Candice Night, Ritchie’s multi-instrumentalist and vocalist wife, providing lead vocals; ‘Ghost of John’, with six-year-old daughter Autumn making a vocal cameo appearance; and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ (a reworking of the lyrics attached to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1), the latter being credited to Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

Those already aware of Blackmore’s Night will need little, if any, inducement to add this double album (which comes with a video) to their collection, whilst those coming across the band for the first time, say from a power metal direction, could hardly fail to be impressed by the quality of musicianship and songwriting in this superb blend of early modern and contemporary musical styles.

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