Released 2004
Format Compilations & DVD's
Type Compilation
Genre Medieval Folk Rock
Length 58:41
Edition date 2004
Country Germany
Label SPV Recordings
Catalog Number SPV 087-69900


Beyond the Sunset is a Blackmore's Night compilation album released in 2004 through Steamhammer. It is named after the song "Beyond the Sunset" by Blackmore’s Night from their 1999 album Under a Violet Moon.

This compilation was derived from their four studio albums released at that point except for one previously unreleased track; "Once In A Million Years", and also contains two re-recorded tracks: "Ghost of a Rose" and "Now and Then".

The album won the New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Award as the Best Vocal Album

Producer – Ritchie Blackmore

This limited edition package contains a bonus DVD of live footage recorded at Schloss-Burg Solingen, 25.07.2002, and a bonus cd-single "Christmas Songs".

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