Released October 2002
Format Live in Concert
Type Live Recording
Genre Medieval Folk Rock
Length 1:49:28
Edition date October 2002
Country Germany
Label Steamhammer
Catalog Number SPV 095-74490 DCD


Past Times with Good Company is a double live album by the band Blackmore's Night, recorded in May 2002 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

It was released in October 2002 in Europe and in February 2003 in the USA and Canada. The European version includes a Greek rendition of "Home Again" and extra live tracks recorded at a press show in Solingen, Germany.

CD 2 of the special Limited Edition leather-bound hard-cover package includes two bonus tracks: an acoustic "Fires At Midnight" and "Home Again" sung in Greek. The album's title is a homage to the 16th century English folk song "Pastime with Good Company", composed by King Henry VIII, and performed in a special 2-part arrangement by Blackmore's Night on this recording. "Fires At Midnight" is another piece with a royal lineage, attributed to King Alphonso X of Spain.

Ritchie Blackmore - electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola, hurdy-gurdy, Renaissance drum
Candice Night - vocals, shawn, rauschpfeife, tambourine, pennywhistle, cornamuse
Sir Robert of Normandie - bass, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Carmin Giglio - keyboards, harmony vocals
Squire Malcolm of Lumley - drums
Kevin Dunne - drums on 16th Century Greensleeves
Lady Rraine - harmony vocals
Chris Devine - violin, recorder, mandolin

Produced by Ritchie Blackmore

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